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1.  I’ve heard pole dancing is great exercise and it sounds fun… but I’m still a little nervous about signing up.  What can I expect?

At Studio Rouge, you will find women from all demographics and fitness levels having a great time in a supportive, relaxed environment.  We have two goals – to provide quality dance instruction with an emphasis on safety and to ensure our students enjoy their time at the studio.   That’s it, plain and simple!  Still feeling hesitant? Register for our one-time 90 min Intro to Pole Workshop and see what we’re all about before committing to a class pass or membership.

2.  Level with me – do I need dance experience for this?

No!  Come as you are and you’ll be astounded how quickly you progress.  Have some dance classes under your belt?  Great!  Our instructors will build on your foundation and challenge you in new ways.

3.  Level with me again – is this just for younger women?

No!  This dance form is for any woman over the age of 18 with an adventurous spirit.  All ages, shapes, sizes are welcome at Studio Rouge and we want you (yes, YOU!) to come dance with us.

4. But what do I wear?

Wear your normal yoga/workout attire!  You’ll find students and instructors alike in yoga pants and form-fitting tanks/t-shirts for Intro to Pole and all aerial and exotic classes. As you progress to Pole 100, you will start wearing shorts for climbing.

5.  Anything I shouldn’t wear?

No lotions or oils!   They make the poles dangerously slippery for you and your fellow students. Also, no rings, bracelets or watches  – it will damage your jewelry and the poles.

6. Are there men in your classes?

Nope.  Women only.

7.  How many students are in your classes?  How many poles and aerial rigs?

There are 6 poles.  Maximum pole class size is 6 women.   
Maximum exotic workshop size is 12 women.
There are 4 aerial rigs. Maximum aerial class size is 8 women.

8. What kind of poles do you have?

We have six permanent mount X-Poles.  They are 45mm chrome with both spinning and static modes.

9.  Is there a weight limit?

No weight limit on any exotic dance or flexibility class.
Pole weight limit is 250 lbs.
Aerial weight limit is 200 lbs. 

10.  My friend enrolled in Pole 100 and keeps encouraging me to sign up, too.  Could I come with her and just watch a class first?

Sorry.   For the privacy and comfort of our students, we do not allow observation at any time. 

11.  I’ve taken pole classes at a different studio.  How do I know which class level to sign up for at Studio Rouge?

We ask that you contact us via email before registering to discuss the right class level for you!

12.  I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable taking classes in a group setting.  What about private lessons?

Private instruction is a great way to gain confidence while learning at your own pace.  Any of our session classes or workshops can be taught one-on-one… just drop us a line from our Contact Us page.

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